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Hangzhou Shengcan company is a professional sales of various filters and auto parts company.In order to better serve our customers, our company has established three branches - HEBEI ZHENGCAN FILTER MANUFACTURE Co, LTD,Guangzhou Shengcan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. , and Hangzhou ShengCan Auto Parts Trading Co., LTD.

Our company is specialized in the production and development of various filters. We have professional engineer support, high efficiency sales team and competitive price superiority, and attract customers from all over the world, we export to over 50 countries, including Europe, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia Thailand, Middle east and South Africa..

It has advanced production technology, complete production and testing equipment, and is a modernization integrating development, production, sales and after-sales service. The filter products produced by our company include: automobile filters, engineering machinery filters, hydraulic filters, etc. The company produces more than 10 million air, air conditioner, engine oil and gasoline filters annually.We are looking forward to get more cooperation.
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The production steps of Toyota Air Filters
Here is a general overview:
    Material selection: The production process starts with selecting the appropriate filter materials. Air filters typically consist of a filter media, frame, and other components. The filter media is usually made of synthetic fibers or paper, chosen for their filtration efficiency and durability.
    Cutting and shaping: The selected filter media is cut into the desired shape and size, typically in rectangular or circular forms, to fit the specific air filter design. Specialized cutting machines or dies may be used to achieve precise dimensions.
    Pleating: The filter media is then pleated to increase its surface area and maximize filtration capacity. Pleating is done using automated machinery that folds and presses the filter media in a uniform manner.
    Frame assembly: The pleated filter media is attached to a frame made of plastic or metal. The frame provides structural support and holds the filter media in place. The frame may have a rubber or foam gasket attached to ensure a proper seal when the filter is installed.
    Sealant application: Adhesive or sealant is applied at the edges of the filter media to secure it to the frame and prevent air bypass. This helps ensure that air passing through the filter is forced to go through the media, maximizing filtration efficiency.
    Reinforcement and finishing: Depending on the design, additional components such as wire mesh or support grids may be added to reinforce the filter structure and improve its durability. The air filter is then inspected for quality, and any necessary finishing touches are applied.
    Packaging: The completed air filters are packaged and prepared for shipment to automotive assembly plants, distribution centers, or aftermarket suppliers.
The appearance of Toyota Air Filters
Toyota air filters can come in different appearances depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle. However, there are some common characteristics and features that can be found in Toyota air filters:
    Rectangular or Oval Shape: Most Toyota air filters have a rectangular or oval shape. This shape allows them to fit properly into the air filter housing and provide effective filtration.
    Pleated Filter Material: Toyota air filters are typically made of a pleated filter material, which is often composed of paper or synthetic fibers. The pleats increase the filter's surface area, allowing for better filtration capacity.
    Rubber or Plastic Frame: The filter material is usually encased within a rubber or plastic frame. The frame provides structural support and ensures a proper fit within the air filter housing.
    Filter Media Color: The color of the filter media can vary. It is common to find Toyota air filters with a white or off-white filter material. However, some models may have filters with a different color, such as light brown or blue.
    Toyota Branding: Genuine Toyota air filters often have the Toyota logo or branding printed on the filter frame or packaging. This indicates that the filter is specifically designed and manufactured for Toyota vehicles.
    Specific Model Number: Toyota air filters typically have a specific model number or part number assigned to them. This number helps in identifying the correct filter for a particular Toyota vehicle model and year.

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